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Appendix No. 11
Roster Of 2nd Engineer Train — 2nd Division, A. E. F.

If you find your ancestor here, I'd appreciate having  contact  from you with a little something about your ancestor to add to this web site. Please note that this transcription was done using OCR which does produce errors. I highly recommend that you ask me to check my book and make certain that what I have posted here for you is correct.
Luster. Eric W., Captain; Record Lost Address unknown.
Bowler, Frank I., 1st Lieutenant; Record Lost Address unknown.
Barrons, Harold S., 1st Lieutenant; 38 Curry Avenue, Windsor Canada.
Byrd, Mack C, 2nd Lieutenant; Record Lost Address unknown.
Fenner, Fred, 2nd Lieutenant; 1339 Hildreth Street, Columbus, Ohio.
Pflauser, Anthony L., Mess Sergeant; 1523 McGowen Street, Little Rock, Ark.
Gladu, Ernest J., Wagoner; 278 Manchester Street, Iberville, Canada.
Hepner, Arthur E., Private; General Delivery, San Francisco, Cal.
Cutler, Ralph, Wagoner; Has well, Colorado.
Hampton, Leeroy F., Wagoner; Stratton, Colorado.
Lynch, Ambrose M., Wagoner, 3050 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado.
Patterson, Chester A., Wagoner; Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Goodwin, Leon H., Private; Atlanta, Georgia.
Morris, Carl E., Horseshoer; Hiram, Georgia.
Higginson, William S., Wagoner; Chesterfield, Idaho.
Simms, Kenneth R.; Wagoner; Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Demo, Toney, Wagoner; 702 Polk Street, Chicago, Ill.
Knox, George T., Corporal; 715 North Ottawa Street, Dixon, Ill.
Newman, Jack, Wagoner; 1110 Winchester, Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Raymond, Albert J., Wagoner; 2622 West 38th St., Chicago, Ill.
Todd, Wesley C, Wagoner; 1106 North Street, Peoria, Ill.
Cassidy, Carl W., Wagoner; 337 West 16th Street, Jasper, Indiana.
Hendricks, Hobart G., Wagoner; Lehigh, Iowa.
Pennington, William B., Private; Lowden, Iowa.
Griggs, William H., Wagoner; R. F. D. No. 1, Maple Hill, Kansas.
Howe, Ward H., M.E.S.G.; Cherokee, Kansas.
Harris, Harvey C, 1st Sergeant; Maple Hill, Kansas.
Kasson, Cloyce W., Supply Sergeant; Kensington, Kansas.
McClenny, Albert S., Pvt. 1st Class; Green, Kansas.
Welch, Francis E., Private; Sterling, Kansas.
Leibfried, Henry, Wagoner; R. F. D. No. 2, Owensboro, Kentucky.
Smith, Willie, Private; R. F. D. No. 3, Paducah, Kentucky.
Cowart, John W., Wagoner; 725 Milam Street, Shrevesport, La.
Jackson, Wilfred, Private; 3 Kimball Street, Sanford, Maine.
Bodenstien, Herman, Wagoner; Delta, Missouri.
Glass, Willhoite W., Pvt. 1st Class; Holden, Missouri.
Gresham, Howard K., Wagoner; R. F. D. No. 6, Carthage, Missouri.
McGinnes, Walter, Wagoner, 4354 Neosha Street, St. Louis, Missouri.
McWilliams, Dewey, Wagoner; Lincreek, Missouri.
Whitworth, Winston M., Wagoner; Ironton, Missouri.
Johnson, Lee G., Pvt. 1st Class; Hibbing, Minnesota.
Logan, Jessie J., Wagoner, Agricola, Mississippi.
Blakely, William M., Stable Sergeant; Alamogorda, N. M.
Cuppage, Frank E., Pvt. 1st Class; 935 Tilden Ave., Las Vegas, N. M.
Hubbard, Charles S., Pvt. 1st Class; Bayshore, Long Island, N. Y.
Levy, Harry, Private; 129 Christy St., New York, N. Y.
Morrison, John W., Private; 5 Hulbert St., Albany, N. Y.
O'Brien, John J., Wagoner; 224 Fulton St., Troy, N. Y.
St. John, Ruben, Pvt. 1st Class; Hempstead, Long Island, N. Y.
Hansen, William C, Corporal; Alice, N. D.
Gilmore, Frank E., Private; Wilton, N. D.
Cooley, Andrew, Pvt. 1st Class; 110 Front Street, Monroe, Mich.
Lienczewski, Charles, Private; 803 Morries Street, Saginaw, Mich.
Berryman, Ray H., Wagoner; 825 Colorado Ave., Butte, Montana.
Bigley, Vincent, Wagoner; Wise-River, Mont, c/o Glen Lewis.
Miley, Luther J., Wagoner; Lake Andes, S. D.
Ayers, Charlie, Horseshoer; Difficult, Tenn.
Brewster, Jacob A., Supply Sergeant; Rugby, Tenn.
Evans, Ed M., Wagoner; R. F. D. No. 2, Mineral Wells, Texas.
Kaler, Ernest W., Wagoner; Corpus Christi, Texas.
Brown, Albert E., Cook; 2840 Parkwood St., Toledo, Ohio.
Burris, Harry A., Wagoner; Ill South Water St., Loudenville, Ohio.
Caskey, Wesley I., Cook; 499 Thompson St. Marion, Ohio.
Crone, Francis R., Pvt. 1st Class; Grover Hill, Ohio.
Coil, Asi A., Private; Buckland, Ohio.
Craley, Harry L., Private; Elm & Vine Sts., Fostoria, Ohio.
Davey, Albert, Wagoner; West 4th St., Mansfield, Ohio.
Durtche, Carl W., Private; 416 Toledo Ave., Marion, Ohio.
Gudis, Paul, Private; 3755 East 11th St., Cleveland, Ohio.
Hollstien, Guy S., Wagoner; Runkle, Ohio.
Hemlin, Ellwood A.. Pvt. 1st Class; 911 Lippert Road, N. E. Canton, Ohio.
Harapuchek, Fred, Private; 329-13th. St., S. E. Canton, Ohio.
Kujawa, Micheal L., Saddler; 1629 Avondale Ave., Toledo, Ohio.
Lee, Ralph C, Private; 317-18th St., Toledo, Ohio.
May, Elroy L., Corporal; Newark, Ohio.
Merifield, Lowell N., Corporal; Waterville, Ohio.
McGovern, Lewis; Wagoner; 201 Western Ave.. Toledo, Ohio.
Morrissey, John F., Pvt. 1st Class; 457 South 4th St., Steubenville, Ohio.
O'Briest, Fred, Wagoner; 2725 Buckeye St., Toledo, Ohio.
Severns, Carl D., Wagoner; Warsaw, Ohio; c/o Mrs. Margaret Gamble.
Stair, Webster D.. Wagoner; R. F. D. No. 21, East Akron, Ohio.
Weatherby, Allen M., Wagoner; R. F. D. No. 7, Athens, Ohio.
Unger, Peter; Private; 2366 East 61st St., Cleveland, Ohio.
Bingham, Lloyd E.. Bugler; 1015 South 6th St.. North Yakima. Wash.
Cleary, Roland D., Private; 8th Street, Clarkston. Wash.
Hagedorn, Ralph H., Wagoner; Dellslow, W. V.
Lesniewski, George S., Wagoner; 1008 Midland Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Ward, Harry M., Wagoner; 31 K Street, Washington. D. C.
Anderson, Lawrence E.. Saddler; Left Train in France.
Anderson, Oscar, Private; Left Train in France.
Art, Joseph, Wagoner; Left Train in France.
Bufkin, Alvin R., Private; Left Train in France.
Camp, Lloyd L., Private; Left Train in France.
Ferris, Charles S., Pvt. 1st Class; Left Train in France.
Fell, John G., Wagoner; Left Train in France.
Forsith, Morris, Private; Left Train in France.
Fox, Roy C., Private; Left Train in France.
Gritzer, John, Private; Left Train in France.
Hayland, Edward F., Wagoner; Left Train in France.
Jacobsen, Alfred, Private; Left Train in France.
Jensen, Harry, Private; Left Train in France.
Kraft, Fred, Private; Left Train in France.
Mahoney, Carl A., Corporal; Left Train in France.
Minnier, Thomas C, Wagoner; Left Train in France.
Morrison, John W., Private; Left Train in France.
Muse, Edward C, Wagoner; Left Train in France.
Murphy, Lawrence E., Private; Left Train in France.
Saunders, Earl J., Wagoner; Left Train in France.
Staton, George L., Wagoner; Killed in Action July 19, 1918.
Thomas, Lester G., Private; Left Train in France.
Vickers, John L., Private; Left Train in France.
Wilson, James R., Wagoner; Left Train in France.
Young, William W., Private; Left Train in France.
United States, and W. A. Mitchell. 1920.
The Official History Of The Second Regiment Of Engineers And Second Engineer Train, United States Army, In The World War.
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