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Appendix No. 3


Anderson, Sergeant, Roy—CG Soissons.
Anson, Private 1st Class, Lloyd W.—CG Blanc Mont.
Auspos, Sergeant, Lawrence A.—CG Blanc Mont.
Balch, 1st Lieutenant, Elwyn C.—CG Attigny.
Barrens, 1st Lieutenant, Harold S.—CG Soissons, CG Blanc Mont.
Cartlett, Private, Elmer E. Jr.—DSC. CG Blanc Mont.
Basta, Private, Emile A.—CG Blanc Mont.
Batten, 1st Lieutenant, Peter J.—CG Blanc Mont.
Benjamin, 1st Lieutenant, Ray N.—DSC, CG Blanc Mont.
Bennett, Sergeant, William L.—CG Blanc Mont.
Berlander, 2nd Lieutenant, Albert M.—DSC, CG Attigny.
Blust, Private, Paul E.—DSC Blanc Mont.
Borg, Corporal, Walter R.—CG Blanc Mont.
Boyd, Private, Layton A.—DSC Blanc Mont.
Bradbury, Corporal, Francis J.—CG Blanc Mont.
Bramwell, Corporal, Leo V.—CG Soissons.
Bree, Cook, William—CG Blanc Mont.
Brewer, Sergeant, Arthur H.—CG Blanc Mont.
Brewster, Sergeant, Jacob—CG Blanc Mont.
Burrell, Corporal. Harry G.—CG Soissons.
Byrd, 1st Lieutenant, Mack C.—DSC Chateau Thierry, CG Soissons.
Caldwell, Bugler, Verne V.—CG Soissons, CG Blanc Mont.
Casburn, Sergeant 1st Class, James A.—CG Blanc Mont.
Chase, 1st Lieutenant, Lyman McE.—CG Soissons,—CG Blanc Mont.
Clark, 1st Lieutenant, Henry W.—CG Blanc Mont.
Condon, 1st Sergeant, James T.—CG Blanc Mont.
Cope, Corporal, Onal M.—DSC, CG Chateau Thierry.
Cottingham, Sergeant, William—CG Blanc Mont.
Courtney, 2nd Lieutenant, Frank L.—CG Blanc Mont.
Courture, 2nd Lieutenant, Cyril C.—-CG Blanc Mont.
Cressman, Sergeant, Krauth—CG Blanc Mont.
Dalton, Sergeant 1st Class, Frank J.—CG Blanc Mont.
Davis, Miss, Cornelia Colt, (Y.M.C.A.)—CG Blanc Mont.
Dillon, Sergeant 1st Class, John M.—CG Blanc Mont.
Dixon, Sergeant 1st Class, Charles W.—CG Blanc Mont.
Doogs, Private, John A.—DSC, CG Blanc Mont.
Downey, Bugler, Harold C.—CG Blanc Mont.
Drury, Sergeant 1st Class, John D.—CG Blanc Mont.
Eaton, 1st Lieutenant, H. B.—CG Soissons.
Eldridge, Private, Percy W.—CG Blanc Mont.
Eller, Corporal, Lloyd—CG Blanc Mont.
Foertmeyer, Major. William A.—CG Soissons.
Frame, Sergeant 1st Class. Benjamin H.—CG Blanc Mont.
Gallo, Master Engineer Jr. Grade, Joseph A.—DSC Chateau Thierry.
Garr, Sergeant, Charles W.—CG Soissons, DSC, CG Blanc Mont.
Goodrich, Corporal, Louis D.—DSC, CG Chateau Thierry.
Gover, 1st Lieutenant, Jesse—CG Soissons.
Gran, Sergeant, Thomas—CG Blanc Mont.
Greene, 1st Lieutenant, Edgar D.—CG Blanc Mont.
Gustafson, Corporal, Carl E.—DSC, CG Blanc Mont.
Hainsworth, Private 1st Class, Cecil—CG Blanc Mont.
Hamm, Corporal, Charles H.—CG Blanc Mont.
Hammer, Sergeant, George—CG Attigny.
Herrman, Captain, Ferdinand H.—CG Soissons, CG Blanc Mont.
Hock, 1st Lieutenant, Harold L.—CG Blanc Mont.
Holloway, 2nd Lieutenant, John M.—CG Blanc Mont.
Holt, Private, Jefferson—DSC Chateau Thierry.
Howard, Sergeant, Fred A.—CG Blanc Mont.
Jones, Corporal, David—CG Soissons.
Kearns, 1st Lieutenant, Sylvester—CG Blanc Mont.
Keegan, Private, Frank—CG Soissons.
Kinsey, Master Engineer Sr. Grade, Benjamin F.—CG Attigny.
Knight, 1st Lieutenant, George R.—CG Soissons, OG Blanc Mont.
Lanibron, Private 1st Class. William—CG Blanc Mont.
Leaf, Private. Garnette—CG Blanc Mont.
Leahy, Sergeant 1st Class, Robert—CG Blanc Mont.
Levan, Corporal, Simpson—DSC Chateau Thierry.
Lewis, Private, William—CG Blanc Mont.
Lincoln, Serisreant, Charles L.—CG Soissons.
Loucks, 1st Sergeant, John—CG Blanc Mont.
Lowder, Private, Leroy—CG Blanc Mont.
McCarthy, Corporal, Wilbur F.—CG Soissons.
McCorkle, Sergeant 1st Class, Willis W.—CG Blanc Mont.
McCormick, Sergeant, Thomas J.—CG Blanc Mont.
Mclntyre, Sergeant 1st Class, Neil H.—CG Blanc Mont.
Mendonsa, Private, John P.—CG, Medal Militaire Soissons.
Miller, 2nd Lieutenant, John C.—DSC Chateau Thierry.
Mitchell, Colonel, William A.—CG Blanc Mont, Legion of Honor, DSM.
Molesberry, 1st Lieutenant, H. C.—DSC Chateau Thierry.
Newel, Sergeant, Fenn B.—CG Blanc Mont.
Newland. Sergeant 1st Class, Charles E.—CG Blanc Mont.
Nickels, Sergeant, Charles E.—DSC, CG Blanc Mont.
Nygard, Private, Carl—CG Blanc Mont.
O'Brien, Master Engineer Jr. Grade, John J.—DSC, CG Blanc Mont.
O'Neil, 1st Lieut, James E.—CG Blanc Mont.
Pagei, Sergeant Major, William T.—CG Blanc Mont.
Parrish, Corporal, Alvin P.—-CG Blanc Mont.
Peck, Captain, Myron H.—DSC Blanc Mont.
Pinkston, Sergeant 1st Class, James E.—CG Blanc Mont.
Potett, Sergeant 1st Class, Sam T.—CG Blanc Mont.
Raffington, Private 1st Class, Charles—DSC Chateau Thierry.
Ralls, Corporal. Joseph G.—CG Blanc Mont.
Reid, Private, Allison W.—DSC. CG Blanc Mont.
Robinson, Corporal, James—CG Blanc Mont.
Rymer, Sergeant 1st Class, Jule S.—CG Blanc Mont.
Sanders, Master Engineer Jr. Grade, Joseph D.—DSC Chateau Thierry, CG Soissons.
Sargent, Captain, J. A.—-CG Blanc Mont.
Sarti, Sergeant 1st Class, William—DSC Blanc Mont.
Saunders, Corporal, Thomas D.—DSC St. Mihiel, CG Blanc Mont.
Sayers, Corporal, Clarence W.—CG Blanc Mont.
Schwall, Sergeant, William P.—CG Blanc Mont.
Shepard, Private, Edwin—DSC, CG Blanc Mont.
Simpson, Master Engineer Sr. Grade, George P.—CG Attigny.
Slade, 1st Lieutenant, James V.—CG Soissons, CG Blanc Mont.
Smith, 1st Sergeant, Leon—CG Blanc Mont.
Smith, Captain, Lester C.—CG Blanc Mont.
Snow, Major, William A.—DSC, CG Chateau Thierry.
Spafford, 1st Lieutenant, James H.—DSC Blanc Mont.
Spangler, Sergeant, Boyd—CG Blanc Mont.
Steimel, Sergeant 1st Class, William J.—DSC Chateau Thierry, CG Blanc Mont.
Steiner, Major, J. J. F.—DSC, CG Blanc Mont.
Stephens, 1st Sergeant, Alexander H.—CG Blanc Mont.
Strickland, Corporal, William N.—CG Blanc Mont.
Swearingen, Private 1st Class, Basil H.—CG Blanc Mont.
Thompson, Master Engineer Sr. Grade, William—CG Attigny.
Vanhoy, Corporal, Thomas—CG Blanc Mont.
Wall, Captain, J. J. Jr.,—CG Blanc Mont.
Watkins. 1st Lieutenant, Samuel C.—CG Blanc Mont.
White, Master Engineer Sr. Grade, John H.—CG Blanc Mont.
Wilkerson, Private, Alfred—DSC St. Mihiel.
Wilkinson, Sergeant, Lawrence E.—CG Blanc Mont.
Wilson, Sergeant, Harry C.—CG Blanc Mont.
Wilson, Private 1st Class, William C.—CG Soissons,—CG Blanc Mont.
Woodle, 1st Lieutenant, George B.—CG Soissons, CG Blanc Mont.
Woodside, Sergeant 1st Class. Garrett D.—CG Blanc Mont.
Wyche, Captain, Tucker S.—CG Blanc Mont.
Wyman, Major, Theodore Jr.—CG Blanc Mont.
United States, and W. A. Mitchell. 1920.
The Official History Of The Second Regiment Of Engineers And Second Engineer Train, United States Army, In The World War.
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