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Chapter X.
The Rhine To The Rio Grande

The trip to Brest
Second Division All Home.
USS Pastores - Homeward Bound

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The first lap of our journey home—Engers to Brest—was made by way of Cologne, Aix-la-Chapelle, Liege, Namur, Charleroi, Mons, Valenciennes, Arras, Amiens and Rouen, so that much of the territory through which we passed was quite interesting. On the way to Cologne we had an excellent view of some of the most beautiful parts of the Rhine. Passing through Belgium we could see a little of the devastation wrought there by the Germans, while from Arras to Amiens we passed right along a section of the old British front.

The First Battalion arrived at Brest July 22nd and before the arrival of the remainder of the regiment, July 24th, had received orders to sail on July 26th on the "U. S. Ship Finland." Headquarters and Second Battalion passed through all inspections and completed their paper work within twenty-four hours, in the hope that they too would receive prompt orders. But the fates were against them. Though a number of transports were lying in the harbor, the sailors had been given shore leave to visit Paris. They finally sailed August 1st on the "Great Northern."

The homeward voyage was without incident. The First Battalion landed at Hoboken August 5th and was sent to Camp Mills. Headquarters and Second Battalion landed August 8th.

On the latter date the Second Division was paraded in New York City. Headquarters and Second Battalion were represented only by a few of the officers, as orders were strict that all men must pass a sanitary inspection immediately.

At Camp Mills the men who were in for the duration of the war were transferred to detachments bound for the camps nearest their homes for discharge. Of course, all were happy with anticipations of an early arrival at home, their great mission accomplished, yet the parting with friends tried and found true proved quite difficult. So it was with mingled feelings of joy and regret that the last stage of our journey was started.

The remnant of the First Battalion on August 11th started to Fort Riley to supervise the construction of a bridge at that place, while on the following day Headqurters and the Second Battalion set out for Camp Travis, the new home of the Second Division. All along the way they were given a royal reception. The Second Engineers was the first unit of the Second Division to reach the new station, and upon their arival on August 15th were warmly welcomed by the citizens of San Antonio.

The regiment begins its period of reconstruction with very few of the men who participated in its great work in The World War, but those few are determined that the spirit of the regiment, the desire to be of the utmost service and the determination to overcome all obstacles, shall be perpetuated.

JULY 21, 1919 TO AUGUST 15, 1919.
  Officers Enlisted Men Total
Morning Report of July 21, 1919 62 1569 1631
Losses by transfer, evacuation, etc 48 1471 1519
Gains by transfer, replacements, etc 1 0 1
Morning Report of August 15, 1919 15 98 113
United States, and W. A. Mitchell. 1920.
The Official History Of The Second Regiment Of Engineers And Second Engineer Train, United States Army, In The World War.
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