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March 16 -May 18, 1918.
Ambulance Company 15,

Amexforces APO 710,    
July 28, 1918.               

From: The Commanding Officer.
To: Division Headquarters, Second Division, American E.F.
Subject: Report of Operations.
* * * * * * * * *

1. In compliance with Memorandum No. 59, Hdqrs. 2nd Div. AEF, France, dated July 26, 1918, the following report is submitted.

2. Ambulance Company 15 arrived in Genicourt on Mar. 16, 1918 from Bourmont. Posts for stretcher bearers and ambulances were designated by officers of the 34th Div. of the French Army under whoom we were working. Stretcher bealiers were placed at Ambulance Stations at La Cloche and Mouilly to carry wounded from the nearby French Regimental Aid Posts to the ambulances. Stretcher bearers were stationed at Rupt to dig graves for American dead. Stretcher bearers were placed at the Regimental aid station, 23rd Infantry, at Verlogis to help out the Regimental stretcher bearers, and these men were distributed among the companies and worked from the trenches to the Battalion and Regimental aid stations. One ambulance was stationed at each place; La Cloche, Rupt, Mouilly and Verlogis; later a relief ambulance was placed at Ranvieres to relieve the one at Verlogis when it came down. All patients were taken to the French Triage at Genicourt. Our ambulances also did rear evacuation from the Triage, although as long as the French ambulances stayed, they took care of most of the rear evacuation. Soon after the battle of the Somme began (Mar. 21, 1918) the 34th Division of the French Army was withdrawn and our ambulances did all the evacuation forward and rear for the Triage at Genicourt. When the 23rd Infantry moved down next to the 9th Infantry in the Troyon Sector our stretcher bearers were drawn in and our ambulances took up rear evacuation from the Triage at Ambly, which was operated by Field Hospital 16. The hospitals in the rear were located at Souilly, Ravigny, Monjouy and Petite Monthairons. One of our ambulances had an accident while returning from Souilly and rolled down a ten foot embankment and had its top crushed. The body and engine were unhurt, and this car did most valuable service as a light truck until sent to Paris a short time ago to have a new top made. On May 13, 1918, the day before leaving Genicourt, we received our Dodge touring car.

3. Beurey, May 14-May 18, 1918 (Div. Hdqrs. Robert Espagne). The company left Genicourt at 7.00 A.M. May 14, 1918 and traveled 65 kilometers to Beurey, arriving there about noon, same date after an uneventful trip. Here the men had a good opportunity to clean themselves and the cars and a thorough inspection of the equipment was made. The ambulances did evacuation for the organizations camped in the neighborhood. All members of the company went through the gas chamber at Robert Espagne.

(Sgd) James W. Bruce
James W. Bruce
1st Lieut. M. C. U.S.R.
* * * * * * * * *
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 8; Operation Reports — War Diaries
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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