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May 20 - July 8, 1918.
Ambulance Company 15,

Amexforces APO 710,
July 28, 1918.

From: The Commanding Officer.
To: Division Headquarters, Second Division, American E.F.
Subject: Report of Operations.
* * * * * * * * *

4. [sic] Fayel, May 20-May 31, 1918 (Div. Hdqrs. Chaumont). On May 18, 1918 at 5:00 P.M. we left Beurey in convoy with Ambulance Co. 1 and Field Hospital 1 and proceeded 50 kilometers to the outskirts of Vitry le Francois, arriving there about 10.00 P.M. Here we camped on the roadside. At this point our 2 Packard trucks were put into a separate convoy from the ambulances. At 4.00 A.M. we were under way and our itinerary took us through Clalons, Epernay, Montmerial, La Ferte sous Juarre and Meaux to Claye where we arrived at 7.00 P.M. after covering 166 kilometers. We got under way again at 6.30 A.M. and proceeded 90 kilometers to La Fayel, arriving there at 3.00 P.M. No accidents occurred except punctures and a bearing burned out on one of the ambulances. At La Fayel the stretcher bearers received some instruction by lectures and demonstrations and the ambulances evacuated the sick of the organizations camped nearby. Especial attention was paid to gas drill.

4. Dhuisy June 1-June 3, 1918 (Div. Hdqrs. Montreuil). At 11.30 A.M. on May 31, 1918, the company left La Fayel. The trucks were immediately put into another convoy. We proceeded 104 kilometers to the outskirts of Meaux where we camped on the roadside. Started at 7.00 A.M. and arrived at Dhuisy at 3.00 P.M., a distance of 38 kilometers. No accidents enroute. At Dhuisy a dressing station was established and at 10.00 P.M. on the night of our arrival, Lt. Reid took ambulances and a supply of surgical dressings to the 5th Marines at Marigny. Next morning these cars brought down the first wounded. All were from the Marines. All cars were then sent out; going to Marigny, Montgivvants Petit and La Cence farm. The wounded came in a steady stream. Splints were applied, dressings re-adjusted, hot drinks served at the dressing station. All evacuation went to Meaux, a distance of 25 kilometers.

5. Coupru, June 3-June 5, 1918 (Div. Hdqrs. Montreuil). At 2.00 P.M. June 3, 1918, the company left Dhuisy and proceeded 10 kilometers to Coupru, arriving there at 4.00 P.M. 30 stretcher bearers were immediately sent to the 6th Marines Regimental Aid Station at La Voie du Chatel. June 4, 6 stretcher bearers were sent to the Regimental Aid Station 6th Marines just beyond Marigny and a supply of surgical dressings was also sent at this time to this point. On this day tht [sic] S.S.U. unit No. 502 arrived and took over the evacuation of the 4th Brigade. Ambulance Company 15 continued to evacuate from the 4th Brigade (Marines) until the next day when the company was moved to Domptin, about 1 kilometer south of Coupru, and ordered to cover the evacuation of the 9th Infantry.

6. Domptin, June 5-June 11, 1918 (Div. Hdqrs. near Bezu). To cover this evacuation 1 car was put with each of the 2 battalions of the 9th Inf. in the line and 1 at the Regimental Aid Station. Our other cars were used to help the S.S.U. unit with the Marines and also the 23rd Infantry. 10 stretcher bearers were sent up to the 9th Inf. to work with the Regimental Stretcher bearers. This left the company with nobody but the officers, office force, kitchen force and a few relief ambulance drivers. Lt. Klebba and Lt. Reid were sent up to the Regimental Aid Station of the 9th Inf. to work in the dressing stations.

7. Villers sur Marne, June 11, to July 9, 1918. On June 11, 1918 the company moved a distance of 2 kilometers to Villers sur Marne and Headquarters was put in one wing of the Chateau-de-Villers. This Chateau is the property of Mrs. Frances Wilson Huard, whose story; "My Home on the Field of Honor", is laid in Villers sur Marne. All the ambulances except one were turned over to the Director of Ambulance Companies at Bezu, and all calls for cars went in there. The one car that was not sent to Bezu was posted at Domptin at the Regimental Aid Station of the 15th Field Artillery. Strecher bearers were sent out as needed by the different regiments. The dressing station was not used as such, altho sick call for the Escelon [sic] of the 15th Field Artillery every day to releive the work of the Regimental Surgeons at the batteries. On July 1. 1918 about 40 strecher bearers were sent to the 9th and 23rd Infantry in preparation for the attack on Vaux.

* * * * * * * * * *
(Sgd) James W Bruce
James W.Bruce
1st Lieut. M.C. U.S.R.
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 8; Operation Reports — War Diaries
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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