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May 14 - 17, 1918. Sixteenth Ambulance Company (Extract)

May 14 - 17, 1918.
Sixteenth Ambulance Company,
Second Divisional Area, Amer.E.F., France
16 August 1918.
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1. In compliance with Memorandum No. 59, Headquarters Second Division, dated July 26th, 1918, herewith the following report:

Sixteenth Ambulance Company, Captain William C. Meacham, M.C., U.S.R., Commanding, with three (3) First Lieutenants and 124 enlisted men arrived at the Verdun Sector on May 18th, 1918, taking station at the French Ambulance de Ravidny 11/22, then in course of construction.

Being without transportation, the company was unable to function properly as an Ambulance Company, wherefore, on March 24th, the company was split as follows: One officer and 27 enlisted men to Ambulance Company 15, working out of Rupt; one officer and 27 men to Ambulance Company 1, working out of Fontaine Brillant; 27 men to Ambulance Company 23, working out of Troyon. These men worked as regimental stretcher bearers, and as aids at Battalion, regimental and ambulance dressing stations. Also detached for ward service; 10 men to French Ambulance 9/10 at Petit Monthairon, and 10 men to French Ambulance 4/12 at Dieue. All these men continued on detached service as above outlined, for training purposes, for about six weeks. Headquarters of the company, with the Commanding Officer and Supply Officer remained at Ambulance de Ravigny, with 23 men to assist in the construction work.

While in the front line trenches, on ________ 1918, one of our litter bearers, Pvt. Theodore Hansen, was taken prisoner in a German raid, together with a ________ Lt. of ________. As their captor was directing them out into No Man's Land, Pvt Hansen suddenly showed resistance, altho at bayonet point. This caused the enemy to give his entire attention to Pvt. Hansen, and the officer, taking advantage of the momentary distraction, killed him with an automatic pistol that the German had failed to relieve him of. Both Officer and Pvt Hansen were then able to rejoin their comrades.

While here the company was issued transportation, consisting of Ambulances, escort wagons, rolling kitchen, mules and riding horses.

When the division moved from the Verdun Sector, the ambulances (9) were detached to the 12th, 15th and 17th Regiments of Field Artillery, to accompany these organizations on the march. The company left Ambulance de Ravigny on May 12th, 1918, marching over-land to Villers-le-Sec, arriving there March 14th. Here the ambulances rejoined the company.

(Sgd) E A Brucker
E. A. Brucker,
1st Lieut. , M.C., U.S.R.
16th Amb. Co.
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Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 8; Operation Reports — War Diaries
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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