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Report of work done by Ambulance Company #1 from May 30th. 1918 to July 24th.1918.
In compliance with Memo.#59, Hdqs. 2nd. Div. dated 26 July, 1918.

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May 30th. Company stationed at Herouval. About midnight this date change of station order received in accordance with which the Company left Herouval.
May 31st. Company left Herouval at 4.30 A.M. A junction with the other units of the Division Sanitary Train was effected about 5.30 A.M. In company with other motorized units of the Division this company marched all day and arrived at Meaux about 9 P.M. Orders were received directing this company to Vincey which place was reached about 1 A.M. June 1st.
June 1st. About 10 A.M. verbal orders were received from the Director of Ambulance Companies to proceed to Bezu le Guery. This latter station was reached about 5 P.M. 6 P.M. verbal orders were received from the Director of Ambulance Companies to get in touch with and establish evacuation for our troops in position east of Bezu le Guery. This was accomplished about midnight.
June 2nd. At 4 A.M. orders were received from Division Headquarters to immediately proceed to Vendrest and establish evacuation for the 23rd.Infantry operating near Gandelu. By 1 P.M. this company had established a dressing station at Vendrest and had furnished litter bearers to the 23rd. Infantry and the 1st Battalion of the 5th. Marines east of Coulomb and had posted ambulances at each Battalion Aid Station. This service was maintained until 4 P.M. the following day.
June 3rd. The afternoon of this date the company was ordered to Sablonnere sur Mery remaining at this latter place until June 5th. No dressing station was conducted here. The litter bearers previously sent to the 23rd. Infantry and 5th. Marines remaining with those organizations. The G.M.C. Ambulances belonging to this company were taken in charge and assigned to service by the Director of Ambulance Companies.
June 5th. Orders were received from the Director of Ambulance Companies on the afternoon of this date to return to Bezu le Guery; this station was reached about 6 P.M. Immediately upon arriving at Bezu le Guery all cars of the company went into service evacuating for all the Battalion Aid Stations. The bulk of the evacuation coming from those stations conducted by the Marines. Evacuation from Bezu le Guery to the rear claimed a portion of our care.
June 6th. This company sustained its first casualty on this date, when Private 1" Class Herman Goetz an ambulance orderly was killed at the Regimental Aid Station of the 6th. Marines.
June 7th. On this date five members of this company attached to the 6th Marines as litter bearers were gassed and had to be evacuated. During these operations every available officer and man was busy, the officers at the Aid Stations and at Field Hospital #1, the men on our cars, and attached to various regiments as litter bearers.
June 14th. Additional casualties were sustained, 1 litter bearer being wounded, 5 others gassed with the 6th. Marines and one litter bearer killed with the 5th. Marines.
June 24th. Four litter bearers attached to the 1st Battalion 23rd. Infantry were gassed and had to be evacuated.
  June 25th. Two litter bearers attached to the 23rd, Infantry were wounded
July 7th.
to 14th.
At 9 P.M. this date in accordance with verbal orders of the Director of Ambulance Companies this company departed from Bezu le Guery and took station at Mery sur Marne same date. Company on duty at Mery sur Marne. Ambulance service furnished to organizations of the Division in this area.
* * * * * * * * * *
(Sgd) Wood S Woolford
Wood S.Woolford.
1st Lt. Med. Corps, U.S.A.
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July 15-July 24, 1918.
REPORT, AMBULANCE CO. #1., May 30 to July 24, 1918.
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July 15th. Lt. Woolford ordered to the office of the Chief Surgeon for examination, departed at 1 P.M. Lt. Liddell with four ambulances and thirty six men ordered to Betz, departing at 7 A.M.
July 16th. Company left Mery sur Marne at 9 P.M. with seven ambulances and two trucks enroute to new area.
July 17th. Arrived at Bonneuil en Valois 7.30 A.M. ambulances left for the front at 9 P.M. 3 ambulances to the 9th.Infantry at BaPalesne, 3 ambulances sent to 23rd.Infantry at Verle Feuille Farm.
July 18th. Twenty six men and one Sgt. sent to the front at 6 A.M.
July 19th. Company left Bonneuil en Valois at noon and arrived at Taillefontaine about 1 P.M. same date.
July 20th. Men previously emt to the front returned.
July 24th. Company left Taillefontaine at 3 P.M. and arrived at Roziers about 6 P.M. same date. The operation of this company during the attack below Soissons was seriously hampered by lack of information, ignorance of the country, and an absolute congestion of the roads.
During the operation of this Division north west of Chateau Thierry this company sustained the following casualties: killed 3, wounded 3, gassed 12, died of wounds 1. In the attack on Vaux litter bearers were furnished to the 9th. and 23rd. Infantry and our ambulances assisted the evacuation. The members of this company attached as litter bearers to the various infantry regiments during June and July were all commended by the various Battalion Surgeons.
All the men serving with our cars did their full duty; at one time in order to provide relief for the ambulance drivers and orderlies it was necessary to use the company cooks for this duty. During the attack below Soissons no casualties were sustained by this company.
(Sgd) Wood S Woolford
Wood S.Woolford.
1st Lt. Med. Corps, U.S.A.
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Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 8; Operation Reports — War Diaries
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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