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2nd Lieutenant Roscoe E. Stewart

2nd Lt. Roscoe E. Stewart, Battery E, 15th Field Artillery 2nd Lt. Roscoe E. Stewart, Battery E, 15th Field Artillery. Location and date unknown.
2nd Lieutenant Roscoe E. Stewart
En route to Europe, January 15-30, 1918

3.60 MB PDF file includes letter about sailing to France
December 6, 1917, Imo collided with Mont Blanc AT SEA
Second Lieutenant Roscoe E. Stewart, Enroute To and Returning From World War I

Historical Note: On December 6, 1917, Imo collided with Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc was carrying explosives, caught fire, and exploded. It devastated an area of over 1.5 miles, killing approximately 2000 people. This was the largest explosion known prior to the nuclear bomb. It is likely that Roscoe saw the relief ship as it sits in this photo. (Photo from the Internet)
2nd Lieutenant Roscoe Emerson Stewart
Discharged at Camp Sherman, Ohio. August 26, 1919.
15th Field Artillery Insignia
E Battery Officers of 15th Field Artillery E Battery Officers
All images and text are contributed by Dave Wade.

"My grandfather was Roscoe Emerson Stewart, 2nd Lieutenant, 15th FA, E Battery. I have attached scans of several documents of his. He is the second from the left in the row of officers in “E Battery Officers”. The picture is cropped from a picture in 1SG Cone’s “E Battery Goes to War”. In IMG1568 and IMG1569, the uniform and helmet were his, but the 45 pistol was not."

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