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Second to None

2nd Engineers at Engers, Germany

The U. S. declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917. My grandfather, Herley Wilson, enlisted in the National Guard two weeks later in Boise, Idaho on April 21. He'd been eighteen for a little over two months. It must have been a struggle to see him go. The crops were coming on, but there was a war.

It was about 42 years later that he said to me, "Let's go to town for a hamburger." We enjoyed that mid day treat now and then. On the way to town he said, "I fought at Belleau Wood. When the battle was over, the forest was gone." I was too young to know what he was saying. He was reminiscing.

He never spoke of that war to me again and I didn't ask. I should have, but didn't know it.

One day he was working on a trailer hitch when I came near him on his right a bit too quietly. I startled him and didn't understand. "I'm blind in that eye and didn't hear you coming," he said. I still didn't ask. It was mustard gas at the wood.

Grandpa died in 1985. He's been gone over thirty years now. I asked his wife, my grandmother, if I could have his military memorabilia. At least I did that right. Over the years since, I became a genealogist. When I began to study his history I decided to find out what this Belleau Wood business was. I began to understand why he still thought of it forty-two years after. He spoke very little about it to older members of the family. It wasn't just us kids.

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This site is in memory of every veteran of the 2nd Division A.E.F 1917-1919.
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