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British QF 18 Pounder Field Guns

British QF 18 Pounder Field Guns & Caisson knocked out by Allied fire.
The writing on back of this picture says — "German 77MM Artillery & Caisson knocked out by Allied fire." From an American Marine, M. W. Strouble, of DeMotte, Indiana who was in the 2nd Division, AEF. He was very likely a member of the 15th Field Artillery. Mr. Strouble incorrectly identified these guns.
These guns have been correctly identified as British QF 18 Pounder Field Guns by members of the GREATWAR mail list.
Comments from Peter Fellowes:
My main source of reference for this is; Osprey [New Vanguard 94] British Artillery 1914-19 Field Artillery by Dale Clarke illustrated by Brian Delf. Appendix D and pages 33, 34 and 35.

Looking at the picture you supplied the gun on the extreme right as you look at the picture, next to the puddle.

The Recuperator [part on top of the muzzle] is exactly the same as the QF 18 Pdr and you can clearly see the Traversing Lever at the rear. The two guns on the right clearly show both the [upper] Boynton Steel Shield and in the case of the gun second from the right the Lower Folding Shield.

As far as I can count, at best, that the wheels have 12 spokes the same as the QF 18 Pdr.

I wonder if there is any confusion about the picture it may be that by 1917 the gun was redesigned [for the Americans] to accept the French 75mm shell [the US Army having adopted French artillery equipment and ammunition] and placed in production for the US Army as the Gun 75mm M1917 [British] though I think the US Variant 75mm M1917 was produced to late and did not see action.

If this picture was taken by a US Marine they are British QF 18 Pdr and some later time confusion occurs mixed with the US designation of 75mm M1917.

David makes an excellent observation that I had missed or overlooked. The German 77mm has the recuperator under the muzzle whereas the QF 18 Pdr has the recuperator on top as I mentioned. In this picture the recuperator is clearly seen on top of the muzzle meaning if nothing else these guns cannot be German 77mm.
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