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Belleau Wood

Information and images were kindly shared by Gilles Lagin

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Bois Gros Jean along Paris Metz road

Location of Gros Jean Wood
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Maison Blanche along the Paris Metz road

Location of Maison Blanche and woods around
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Dog Tag found on Hill 142 from a replacement in the 2nd Engineers. He was coming from the 116th Engineers, name is Paul F. C. Haack. He was from Shoshone, Idaho, was a private in company " D " 2nd Engineers, and wounded and evacuated at Chateau Thierry (Belleau Wood) maybe on the Hill 142 where I found his dog tag?
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Map case and field message book (there still battlefield's maps, pencil and compass inside the pouch !!) from Lieutenant Henry W. Clark from Washington DC. He was 2nd battalion, companies, H, then D, E, F, then 1st Lieutenant. He did all the campaign from the regiment. He was awarded the Croix de Guerre at Blanc Mont. When he was the battalion Adjutant of the 2nd battalion, and replacement the battalion commander who was killed near Saint Etienne à Arnes on October 9th and 10th 1918.
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One field message in the message book written on October 27th, 1918 by
1st Lt Henry W. Clark when he was 2nd battalion commander.
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Helmet supposed to be from 2nd battalion commander, 1st Lt Henry W. Clark (it came with the documents pouch , field message book, etc...from estate) but no name visible inside just something but faint.
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Gas mask and bag from Sgt Harry H. Harrison from Co "E" 2nd battalion. He was from Loveington, Illinois. He partcipated to St. Mihiel, Blanc Mont, Attigny, Argonne and Rhine Occupation.
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