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2nd Div. Organization.

From: Commendations of Second Division, American Expeditionary Forces, France, 1917—1919, Germany.
Headquarters Second Division
Headquarters Troop
4th Machine Gun Battalion
1st Field Signal Battalion
2d Engineers
2d Ammunition Train
2d Supply Train
2d Sanitary Train
2d Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop
2d Company Military Police
Mobile Veterinary Unit No. 2
Machine Shop Truck Unit 303
Machine Shop Truck Unit 363
Railhead Detachment
Salvage Squad No. 2
Bakery Company No. 319
Sales Commissary Unit No. 1
Delousing and Bath Unit No. 17
Clothing and Bath Unit No. 320
Mobile Laundry Unit No. 326
Postal Expeditionary Forces, Army Post Office 710
Second Field Artillery Brigade
   12th Field Artillery
   15th Field Artillery
   17th Field Artillery
Third Brigade
   9th Infantry
   23d Infantry
   5th Machine Gun Battalion
Fourth Brigade
   5th Marines
   6th Marines
   6th Machine Gun Battalion
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