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Terms of the Armistice

1918 Armistice with Germany

In 1919, during the 0ccupation of the Coblenz bridgehead area on the Rhine River by the American 2nd Division, several publications were created by that Division detailing their history during the war. This is a copy of a page detailing conditions of the 1918 Armistice with Germany. I believe it is a carbon copy created when the original was typed as a transcription from another source. I have twenty-two such carbon copies. Several of them are probably from the original manuscripts of the 1919 publications which I am fortunate to have one or two copies of.

This is one of four pages regarding the Armistice.  I do not know if it was used as a manuscript for one of the 2nd Division publications or not. Input from other interested parties would be appreciated.

Several of the twenty-two pages give details specifically about the 2nd Division's 17th Field Artillery. All of them were obtained with one of the 2nd Division publications which had been owned by a member of the 17th Field Artillery H. Q. Company.

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