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     Training in the Verdun Sector

Little has been said here of the 2nd Division training period near Verdun where it suffered over 800 casualties. This page is intended as a beginning.
WW1 trench art shell Verdun This shell casing was brought home after the war by a 2nd Engineer who trained with the 2nd Division in the Verdun Sector under the French in the spring of 1918. No one in the family knows how he got it. It is unlikely that he made it himself since he was not known to have any artistic talent. It is unlikely that he got it near Verdun and carried it in his pack through all of the 2nd Division battles.
WW1 trench art shell Verdun Was trench art made on the Rhine River during the occupation? He may have obtained it in Brest as he was getting on the ship to return to the US. Comments on how he might have acquired it are requested!
WW1 trench art shell Verdun Remanie
A RS 10 17
What country made this casing. What size is it?
Sommedieue, France The 4th Brigade in the vicinity of Sommedieue, France 1918.

Record of Casualties Reported In Verdun Sector

Organization Killed & Died Wounds Missing Severely Wounded Slightly Wounded Gassed Totals
  Off Men Off Men Off Men Off Men Off Men Off Men
Third Brigade 1 41 1 39 1 40 1 81 1 9 5 210
Fourth Brigade 2 67   2 1 57 1 98 3 300 7 524
Second F. A. Brigade   4       4   7   3   18
Second Engineers   3       5   10       18
Fourth. Mch. Gun Btn.   2       3   7       12
All other organizations   10       9   18   7   44
Totals 3 127 1 41 2 118 2 221 4 319 12 826
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 6; Operation Reports — War Diaries — Journal of Operations
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.

Mar 17-30, Div participates with the French in the occupation of the Toulon, Rupt, and Troyon Sectors (Lorraine). The Div is affiliated with troops of the Fr X Corps (Fr Second Army) along the entire corps front on the line, 3 km northwest of St-Mihiel on Route Nationale No. 64, 1½ km northwest of Lamorville, ¾ km south of Seuzey, ½ km east of Vaux-lès-Palameix, south and east edges of Bois Loclont, le Saillant, east slope of Côte de Senoux, Bois des Eparges, Les Eparges, Côte 346, Monville Ancne Fme, Trésauvaux, Bonzée-en-Woëvre, ½ km south of Haudiomont. Night Mar 17/18, units, except artillery, enter the line and train successively by battalion, regiment, and brigade. The troops serve with the Fr 33d Div in the Toulon Sector, which includes the Eparges and Bonchamp subsectors, with the Fr 34th Div in the Rupt Sector, which includes the Ranzières, Mouilly, and Sonvaux subsectors, and with the Fr 52d Div in the Troyon Sector, which includes the Rouvrois, Lacroix, and Chevaliers, subsectors; Fr 15th Colonial Div (Fr II Colonial Corps) on right, Fr 131st Div (Fr XVII Corps) on left. Mar 2l, 2d FA Brig and 2d Am Tn join from Le Valdahon.

Mar 30-May 13, Div participates with the French in the occupation of the Toulon and Troyon Sectors (Lorraine). The Div is brigaded with troops of the Fr X Corps, and, later, Fr II Colonial Corps (Fr Second Army). Mar 30, Fr X Corps extends its sector north to include the Ronvaux and Moulainville subsectors, relieving the Fr 131st Div on the front, ¼ km south of Haudiomont, Haudiomont (incl), Ronvaux (incl), 1½ km north of Watronville, ½ km northeast of Châtillon-sous-les-Côtes, 1 km northeast of Moulainville, ½ km north of Eix; the Fr 34th Div is withdrawn from the Rupt sector which is divided between the Toulon and Troyon sectors; the Toulon sector is extended south 2 km to include the Sonvaux and the north half of the Mouilly subsectors; the Troyon sector is extended north 2 km to include the Ranzières and the south half of the Mouilly subsectors; Fr XXXII Corps on right, Fr XVII Corps on left. Apr 17, Fr II Colonial Corps relieves the Fr X Corps in the Toulon and Troyon sectors. Apr 25, 3d Inf Brig assembles in the Rouvrois and Lacroix subsectors, and the 4th Marine Brig in the Ronvaux and Moulainville subsectors where the brigade commanders assume charge of the fronts. May 9, Div begins a withdrawal from the front, and moves to the south and west of Bar-le-Duc; training. May 18, Div moves to the vicinity of Chaumont-en-Vexin in the rear area of the Fr Fifth Army; training. May 27, the enemy attacks the Chemin des Dames and threatens Paris. May 31, Div, at the disposal of the Fr Sixth Army, moves toward the front of the Fr XXI Corps northwest of Château-Thierry.

Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War, Volume 2 American Expeditionary Forces: Divisions
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