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Chronology of The 17th Field Artillery


Dec. 27. Landed at port of Brest.


Jan. 3. Detrained at Camp Du Valdahaon.
" 5. Received guns, 155 howitzers and began training.
Mar. 18. Having completed instructions, departed for front, entrained at Besancon.
" 19. Detrained at Lemmes.
" 20. Arrived at Camp Du Chanois, back of front lines.
" 23. Moved into position South of Woimbey, and at Rupt, near the Meuse.
May 14. Marched to Rumont, 18 kilometers.
" 15. Marched to Cheminon-le-Ville, 47 kilometers, and went into billets.
" 19. Marched to Revigny and entrained, 14 kilometers.
" 20. Detrained at Meru, and marched to Laconville, 17 kilometers and bivouaced.
" 21. Marched to Chambors and went into rest billete [sic], beginning a period of intensive training, preparatory to re-joining the Division for open warfare operations on the front, training continued until May 31.
June 1. Entrained at Chaumont, after hiking from Chambors, 15 kilometers
" 1. Debarked at Ormey and ______, and began march toward the front.
" 2. Bivouaced near Cocheral.
" 4. Went into position near Paris Farm, Chateau Thierry Sector.
" 13. Took part in heavy concentrations on Bois de Belleau and in subsequent operations by the 2nd Division before Chateau Thierry
July 7. Relieved by 103rd Field Artillery, 26th Division, and withdrew to reserve position 10 kilometers back of the line. Remained in reserve until July 14.
" 15. Marched to woods near Betz and bivouaced for night.
" 17. Moved into position in woods North of Villers Cotterets, opening fire at 5:35 A.M. in the big counter-offensive drive instituted by the Allies.
" 18. Moved forward to new positions near Greenleaf Farm.
" 22. Moved forward 15 kilometers to position in gulch west of Villers Helon
" 25. Relieved and withdrew firing batteries to position North of Villers Cotterets.
" 27. Marched in direction of Oissery, bivouacing for the night along the road.
" 28. Arrived Oisery and bivouaced in field.
" 31. Marched to Plessis-Belleville, 8 kilometers and entrained.
Aug. 1. Detrained at Bayon, and hiked to Messin on the Moselle, 22 kilometerz [sic].
" 2. Into rest billets at Messein.
" 7. Marched via Nancy to Frouard, 25 kilometers and bivouaced.
" 8. Moved to woods North of Pompey, 3 kilometers and remained in camp until aug.21
" 21. Marched to woods west of Champaignuelles [sic], bivouaced.
" 22. Continued march to woods South of Merreville, and went into Camp.
beginning course of intensive training lasting until Sept. 2.
Sept. 3. Moved out of Camp at midnight, marching the remainder of night, and bivouacing at daylight in heavy woods near Nancy.
" 4. Moved out of camp at 9:00 P.M.
" 5. Arrived daylight at camp South of Avrianville.
" 9. Moved forward 8:00 P.M. to camp in woods East of Manonville,.
" 10. Batteries went into position North of Limey.
" 12. Participated with firing program in attack on Thiaucourt when St Mihiel salient was cut off by Allied Attack. Moved to position North of Limey. in morning and in afternoon advanced again to position near Vieville.
" 19. Marched toward Pagny-Sur-Meuse; bivouaced North of that town for the night,
" 20. Into rest billets in Pagny-Sur-Meuse.
Sept. 27. Marched to Vaucoliers and entrained.
" 28. Arrived Chalon and marched to St. Marie; bivouaced.
" 29. Marched to Camp South of Suippes
Oct. 1. Left Camp at 9:00 P.M.; marched to position North of Suippes.
" 2. Moved North 5 kilometers into position South of Somme-Py and took part in attack on Blanc Mont.
" 3. Advanced 5 kilometers to position at Somme-Py.
" 6. Advanced 4 kilometers to position North of Somme-Py.
" 12. Advanced to position 2 kilometers North of St. Etienne.
" 13. Advanced 25 kilometers to position North of Pauvres.
" 19. Withdrew at 2:00 A.M. to Machault, and pulled back to camp in woods South of Machault, same after noon.
" 21. Into position in valley east of Colommes.
Participated with firing program in attack on Atticney [sic]. ZRelieves [sic] same night and began march East. (Oct. 27)
" 29. Marched 30 kilometers to Exermont and firing batteries went into position at East edge of town.
Nov. 1. Fired barrage in last American drive to Meuse.
" 1. Advanced 12 kilometers to new position at Landresville.
" 3. Advanced 10 kilometers to position South of Nouard.
" 4. Advanced 10 kilometers to position North of Bois de Dames.
" 8. Advanced 4 kilometers to position at La Forge Farm.
" 10. Advanced 5 kilometers to position in village of Beaumont,. Fired last shots of the war in concentration on Stenay.
" 11. The regiment was heavily shelled at 7:00 A.M. the morning the armistice became effective.
" 17. Began march to Germany. Bivouaced North of Stenay for night. 17 kilometers.
" 18. March to Hannencourt and Rouvroy,Belgium.22 kilometers; billeted.
" 20. Marched via Virton to Chattillon,Belgium,22 kilometers; billeted.
" 21. Marched to Schweich and Elwingen,Luxemburg, 28 kilometers; billeted.
" 23. Marched to Beringen, Luxemburg, 21 kilometers.
Dec. 1. Crossed into Germany at Wallendorf and marched to Obersgegen,37 kilometers.
" 2. Marched to Biersdorf, 34 kilometers; billeted.
" 3. Marched to Schenecken, 28 kilometers; billeted.
" 6. Marched to Lessingen, 22 kilometers; bivouaced.
" 7. Marched to Hohenfels, 10 kilometers; billeted.
" 8. Marched to Breischeid, 30 kilometers; billeted.
" 9. Marched to Arhweiler, 37 kilometers; billeted.
" 13. Marched to Namedy, 27 kilometers; billeted.
" 14. Marched to Engers, 20 kilometers; billeted.
" 16. Marched to Bendorf ,2 kilometers ,and went into billets in a section of the town assigned to the 17th Field Artillery; the destination of this regiment as a unit of the Army of Occupation.

17th F. A. Chronology 17th F. A. Chronology Source documents for the 17th F. A. Chronology
These two documents are from the estate of a soldier who was with the 17th Field Artillery H. Q. Company. I don't know if this information was ever published in a history book of the 2nd Division. If you have seen this before please let me know where!
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