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Second Field Artillery Brigade.

2nd Field Artillery map near Belleau Wood
2nd Field Artillery map - Chateau-Thierry
(1) 12th Field Artillery (2) 15th Field Artillery - 75 m/m guns (3) 17th Field Artillery - 155 m/m Howitzers (4) 2nd Trench Mortar Battery.

Names of Commanding Officers.
Brigadier General William L. Kenly, Jan. 1, 1915 - Feb. 1, 1918.
Brigadier General G. LeR, Irwin, Feb. 1, 1913--Apr. 20, 1918.
Colonel William J. Cruikshank, May 5-11, 1915.
Brigadier General William Chamberlaine, May 11 - June 27, 1918.
Brigadier General Albert J. Bowley, June 21 - Nov. 3, 1918.
Colonel Dan T. Moore, Nov. 3, 1918 - Feb. 13, 1919.
Brigadier General Manus McCloskey, Feb. 13, 1919 to date.

Date of Arrival in France.
12th Field Artillery - January 25, 1918;
15th Field Artillery - December 27th, 1917;
17th Field Artillery - December 31st, 1917;
Second Trench Mortar Battery - January 10, 1918.

Training Periods.
(1) With French materiel at Valdahon, France, until entrainment for front, March 19, 1918; near Chaurnont-eu-Vexin from May 21st — 31st, 1918; Training and maneuvers from August 22nd, 1918 to September 4th, in vicinity of Toul.

Verdun Sector.
Sector south of Verdun from March 24th to May 12th, 1918, with 33rd and 52nd French Divisions.

Aisne-Marne Defensive (Chateau Thierry).
Entrainment and forced marches to Cocherel, arriving June 1st, 1918, and took position in line northwest of Chateau Thierry on June 3rd and 4th.
From June 3rd to July 9th, continually in support of 4th Brigade in Bois de Belleau, and of Third Brigade in all preparation and final attack on Vaux. Relieved by 51st F. A. Brigade.

Aisne-Marne Offensive (Soissons).
Supported attacks of Second Division south of Soissons in the great counter-offensive of July 18th. Verte-Feulle Ferme, Vierzy, Tigny and Villemontoire. Remained to support the attacks of the French 12th and 85th Divisions. Relieved July 25th. Marched to near St. Soupplets.

Marbache Sector.
Entrained July 31st for area South of Nancy, near Neuves—Maisons. Near Pont-a-Mousson August 9th to 22nd, relieving 64th French Division. Relieved by. 157th F. A. Brigade and marched to area south of Toul, Bainville.

St. Mihiel Offensive.
In line south of Limey, Sept. 10th. Suported [sic] the attacks of the Second Division September 12th on Thiaucourt, Jaulny, Xammes. Relieved September 18th and marched to Pagny-sur-Meuse. Entrainment September 25th for area south of Chalons­-sur-Marne.

Meuse-Argonne Offensive (Champagne).
Took position in line north of Suippes, near Somme-Py, October 1st. Supported all October attacks which brought about the capture of Blanc Mont and St. Etienne. Supported 36th American Division October 10th-27th; German retreat and our pursuit to Aisne October 11th-12th. Dricourt, Vaux-Champagne and Attigny.

Meuse-Argonne Offensive.
Marched October 37th-30th to positions north of Exermont in the 5th Army Corps (U. S.) area. Supported infantry advance from Sommmerance to Meuse, November 1st-11th. Bayonville, Fosse, Nouart, Beaumont, Mouzon. Relieved November 14th by 152nd. F. A. Brigade.

March to the Rhine.
Began November 17th, furnishing mounted men and accompanying batteries for Columms 1 and 2. The mounted men acted as points for the advance guards in both Columns preceding the infantry. Route : Stenay, Montmedy (France), Virton, Arlon (Belgium), Brosch, Mersch and La Rochette (Luxemburg), through Germany starting December 1st via Mittendorf, Rittersdorf, Prum, Gerolstein, Nieder Ehr, Adenan and Ahrweiler. Across the Rhine to towns along Eastern bank. Brigade Headquarters at Neuwied, Germany, December 13th, 1918.

Rounds Fired in action.
                  15th Field                   285,198
                  12th Field                   261,960
                  17th Field                   119,021
                  TOTAL                         666,179
From dates of organization to June 1, 1919.
Coblenzer Volkszeitung, Coblenz, Germany.
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