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Divisional Headquarters Troop.

Oct. 5, 1917, Fort Ethan Allen, Vt., personnel being pIcked from Second U. S. Cavalry Regiment.
Names of Commanding Officers.
Capt. Walter Goodwin
Capt. A. T. Colley
1st. Lieut R. E. Symmonds
Capt. V. E. Prichard
Capt. W. F. Daugherty
Lieut. C. Q. Hillyard
Capt. L. Le R. Martin.
Date of Arrival in France.
Dec. 28, 1917.
Training Periods.
Bourmont area, Jan. 4, 1918 — March 15, 1918, on garrison duty. Reorganization in Robert-Espagne area, May 9—10, 1918.
Verdun Sector.
Troop stationed in Ancemont and Somme·Dieu while the Division was in this sector. Furnished dispatch riders and orderlies for the Staff.
Aisne~Marne Defensive (Chateau Thierry).
Stationed at Montreuil-aux-Lions. Engaged in guarding and escorting prisoners of war while on this front, June 1— July 10.
Aisne~Marne Offensive (Soissons).
Moved to Villers Cotteret Forest July 16, and during the offensive furnished orderlies and guarded prisoners of war.
St. Mihiel Offensive.
Moved to Francheville on Sept. 5, and on Sept. 2 moved into the woods near Limey to prepare for the St. Mihiel attack. At this place did M. P. duty, furnished dispatch riders, and guarded prisoners of war. Arrived at Thiaucourt Sept. 14, and upon relief moved to Toul.
Meuse~Argonne Offensive (Champagne).
On Sept. 26 troop left Toul by rail, arriving in the Champagne sector on Sept. 30 to operate with the Fourth French Army. Performed usual duties at this front and moved to Camp Mt. Pelier on Oct. 13.
Meuse~Argonne Offensive.
Moving through Herpont, and les Islettes, the troop arrived at Charpentry on Oct. 28. Moved to Exermont on Oct. 31. Troop performed the same duties in this as in all previous offensives. Stationed at Fosse when hostilites were suspended.
March to the Rhine.
Accompanied Division Headquarters on the march, stopping in the same towns.
Vance A. Merriman Vance A. Merriman
Hdqtrs. Detch. 2nd Div.
June 15, 1900
Mar. 28, 1923
Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery
Portland, OR
From dates of organization to June 1, 1919.
Coblenzer Volkszeitung, Coblenz, Germany.
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