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Capt. Myron H. Peck

Petersburg, Va.; E. 2nd Bn.; Capt.; Chateau Thierry; Soissons, St. Mihiel; DSC, K, Blanc Mont.

Myron H. Peck

Was engaged on engineering work in China for a number of years and previous to his entry into the service was a consulting engineer in San Francisco, California. He arrived in Angers, France, February 7, 1918, and was placed in command of company D; 11th Engineers. He was transferred lo the 2nd. Engineers June 17, 1918, and was killed in action October 9.

Blanc Mont Ridge:

As soon as companies "B" and "F" were established in position, Captain Myron H. Peck, commanding the two companies in St. Etienne-à-Arnes, sent reconnaissance parties off to the right to communicate with the Thirty-Sixth Division, but they were either killed or returned without locating our friends to the right. Consequently, next morning, Captain Peck and Captain Wyman personally went on this reconnaissance, although it involved unusual danger. They succeeding in locating the new troops on the right, but just as they returned to the cemetery, Captain Peck was struck with a fragment of a shell and died within a few minutes. Captain Peck's loss was a great calamity to the Regiment, especially in these very strenuous days. After the advance three days later, he was buried in the cemetery where he fell and a tombstone was carved by one of the men of his Company and placed over his grave.

Captain MYRON HOLT PECK, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Engineers:

For extraordinary heroism in action at St. Etienne, France, October 9, 1918. While in command of his battalion, holding part of the line in St. Etienne, Captain Peck personnally [sic] conducted a reconnaissance, after patrols had previously failed, in order to establish liaison with the troops on his right. He lost his life during this reconnaissance. (Posthumous award, G.O. 20, War Department, January 30, 1919).

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